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Genetic Analytics

Fresh ideas to move your program forward

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Nobody knows your cow herd better than you do. However, an outside appraisal of your genetics can propel your herd to new heights. Breeding better beef cattle is our #1 passion. We want our clients' herds to succeed like they were ours.

Genetic Analytic Services Include: 
Cow Herd Analysis

In-depth evaluation of the females that are the backbone of your outfit, studying EPDs and production records to gauge your herd and to hone your breeding program to your goals.

Sire Selection

Coupled with an analysis of your cow herd, we can help you find the AI sire or new herd bull that complements your vision and moves your genetic base forward.

Mating Tools

Having trouble finding the best fitting bull for your cows? We can help! Allow us to generate mating suggestions based off your  EPD selection criteria, presented in a simple, breeder-friendly format. 

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