Data & Paperwork

Getting you away from the desk

With our extensive experience in performance programs and breed registries, we can turn your dreaded chores into a breeze! 

Data Reporting & Analysis

Performance data is the lifeblood of the seedstock sector. It can also be a hassle to record, report, and study all the figures you collect. Let us take that load off your plate.

The Performance Data Package Includes:

  • Data entry into your breed registry

  • Analysis of the data, going the extra mile beyond the generic breed report. What sires worked? What age cows weaned heavier calves? We dissect and deliver a custom summary report

  • Consultation on your performance program, including contemporary grouping, data collection calendar, and more! 

Association Paperwork

Tired of your breed registry system? Whether it's a handful or a hundred head, we're here to keep you from that headache. Services we can assist with include:

  • Female inventory programs

  • Calf crop registrations

  • Post-sale transfers

Registry services are offered a la carte and be can included with the Genetic Selection, Sales, or Performance Data packages. Contact us today for a price estimate!