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The MRW Team


Matt, Erika, and Lane Woolfolk

The Cattle Business is Our Business

To understand MRW Cattle Resources, you need to know the people behind the brand. Matt and Erika Woolfolk combine two lifetimes of cattle breeding and industry experience ready to go to work to propel your operation.


Matt grew up in Tennessee as a fifth-generation cattleman and fourth-generation Hereford breeder. He has an academic background in animal breeding and genetics with career stops in breed association work specializing in breed improvement, performance data, and marketing.


Erika’s family has farmed and raised cattle in Southwest Iowa for over 125 years. She holds two degrees from Iowa State University and works as a regional beef specialist for the Iowa Beef Center of ISU Extension, where she helps cattlemen across Iowa make their operations better.

Matt and Erika were married in May of 2021. On January 29, 2022, they welcomed their son, Lane Ryan, to the family. They have started their lives and cow herd together in Adair, IA. In addition to the Hereford and Angus cows, they are the owners of Gus, the Corgi (the official mascot of MRW Cattle Resources!)


What We Do

We Want to be a Part of Your Team

Improving the seedstock business is our "why": why we wake up each morning, why we log the hours, and why we started this venture. At MRW Cattle Resources, we know your time on the ranch is valuable. We want to help you make the most of it and help your seedstock operation move forward.

We offer service packages in Genetic Selection, Data and Sales & Marketing to help us work best for you. There are also a la carte services available.


For more information, study the Genetic Selection, Sales & Marketing, and Data & Paperwork pages, or contact us  to see how MRW Cattle Resources can go to work for your operation!